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As your business grows, so do your needs. From hiring new employees to purchasing the latest technology, you know that these ‘updates’ are crucial to your business’ progress. Which is why an office revamp might be the last thing on your mind?

Why should you have an office revamp?

Of course, office revamps are daunting on paper. Therefore, many business owners take shortcuts to ‘revamp’ the office without thinking about it seriously.

The truth? Unfortunately, just moving some desks around rarely works long-term.

Moreover, compared to the cost of investing in new technology and not to mention – hiring employees – an office redesign is minimal.

In fact, the benefits of an office revamp can be pretty astounding. From increasingly motivated employees to happier clients, making some changes to your office will work hard for your money.

How do you know if you need a revamp?

How do you know if you need an office revamp?

Sometimes the signs can be subtle – and when you’re busy your focus isn’t always on office ergonomics.

So, here’s the subtle signs to look out for:

1. You have grouchy employees with nowhere to switch off

Sure, work is where your employees come to work.

But to get the best out of them? They need downtime to recharge their batteries throughout the working day.

If your employees are eating at their desk, busily stressing about getting to the microwave (before that massive lunchtime queue!) or simply don’t have somewhere to take five – then burnt out and unmotivated employees are a strong possibility.

Absenteeism can be costly – making sure your workplace provides a healthy break culture can dramatically decrease this risk.

Piling paperwork and messy desks

2. You see piling paperwork & messy desks

It could be that your employees are all just really disorganised?

However, that’s not likely the case. Yes, there may be the odd employee who needs reminding of your well-intended clear desk policy but for the majority, the issue will be storage.

Storage promotes tidy working conditions – which is proven to boost employee productivity.

Avoid on-site client meetings

3. You avoid on-site client meetings

Client meetings are where you need to be most confident.

Whether they are new prospects you can’t wait to work with or a loyal customer of many years, you want to show them great hospitality through the meeting.

Furthermore, comfort. No one wants to be squashed in a small space for an hour-long meeting.

If you find that you’re looking for excuses to meet in your local cafe, rather than at your offices then it’s probably a sign that your office isn’t working for you.

Office revamp services

Office revamp services nationwide

If you’ve spotted any of the classic signs above you should breathe a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, there are many ways an office redesign can improve your business.

Our office fit out service asks: “Is your office space working for you?” and then we show you how we can improve it for you – promising happier employees and a better working culture.

To learn more about Planned Office Interiors and how we can help with your office revamp plans, click here.

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