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boost your business' productivity with plantsHave you ever thought about why we have plants in our workspaces? From potted succulents on your desk to large feature plants that brighten up a room, plants are often a natural design choice in many offices. However, it probably won’t surprise you that plants offer a lot more than stylish decor…

In fact, plants have been proven to enhance employee productivity in the workplace. In this blog post, we’ll find out 5 ways how…boost your business' productivity with office greenery

1.   Boosting positive attitudes

The saying, “the great outdoors” exists for a reason. It’s true – as humans, we have a natural affinity towards nature – something that has been coined biophilia.

When we are surrounded by nature we feel more positive, content and relaxed – while our stress levels decrease.

Therefore, when you introduce even just a little “indoor-outdoor” vibe into the office, employees naturally feel more positive in their working “biophilic” environment.

And, quite simply – employees who feel more positive in general will be less likely to procrastinate and more likely to enjoy their work. Meaning a boost in productivity for your workplace.boost your business' productivity with fresh air

2.   Filtering office air

Offices can feel stuffy – and this can make your employees tired and lethargic.

Plants are natural air purifiers and according to a famous study conducted by Nasa plants can even absorb harmful toxins from the air.

Furthermore, when you think about how illnesses are spread in your workplace – or even the effects clammy air can have on your employees – it’s a no-brainer that plants could be a worthy investment that combats waning productivity.boost your business' productivity by decreasing absenteeism

3.   Decreasing absenteeism

Improved workplace wellbeing and cleaner air combined can result in healthier employees – who are less likely to take sick leave.

Plants may seem like a simple addition but if they contribute to improved employee attendance, then it’s easy to see their productivity-boosting benefits.boost your business' productivity with green spaces

4.   Boosting memory

Not only have plants been proven to improve employee wellbeing, but plants can actually improve your employees’ memory function.

Research suggests that in “lean” office environments where there aren’t many plants, it can be easier for employees to become stressed. And, when employees are stressed they struggle to retain information.

However, in ‘green’ office environments employees tend to feel less stressed, and therefore have more ‘bandwidth’ to remember important details.boost your business' productivity by appealing to clients

5.   Appealing to clients

At the end of the day, plants are “in”, they are trendy and can be seen as a universally-liked – or “safe” – design choice that enhances any environment.

Inviting clients or prospects into a well-designed space that includes biophilic design can subconsciously be a mood booster – resulting in happier clients.

Also, if your business is expanding and you’re wanting to recruit, office design incorporating plants can really help you promote your healthy wellbeing working culture.

You see – plants may seem like a small design tweak but they can have a hugely positive impact on prospective clients and potential employees.boost your business' productivity with a great office fitout

Boost your business’ productivity with great office fit out

Introducing plants into the workplace is just one of the ways you can create a healthier, happier and more productive working environment.

From biophilic design considerations to practical storage solutions, we can help you source workplace furniture to suit your business’ culture and goals.

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