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Your brand isn’t just about your company website, the brochures you give to clients and your logo. It’s a lot more than that. Your brand is a feeling. Part of your culture. It’s something that your business lives and breathes.

That’s why when planning an office fit-out, your branding should be a top priority consideration. From the interiors you select to the furniture you choose, your workspace design can strongly communicate your brand. And this is a great way to show customers and employees what you’re all about.

But how exactly do you inject branding into your office design? Is it simply a case of picking your Pantone reference and painting the walls that colour? Actually, no!

In fact, we have a few alternative ways that you can integrate branding into your office design. In this blog post, we’ll delve into 3 office branding design tips to get you started…

1.  Remember your brand values

Creative branding delivers your brand values subconsciously to your audience

What matters to your business? What does your brand endorse? Champion? Provide? What guides you? Why are you different?

The answers to these questions come together to form your brand values. They should sit at the centre of your brand – and should shape every area of your business.

When planning an office fit-out, revisit your brand values and think about how they can be reflected in your office design.

Office furniture that reflects what’s important

For instance, say if your business was in the health care sector. Your brand values would likely be around safety, compassion, communication and confidentiality. Therefore, you’d need to think about certain design features that evoke these feelings.

Perhaps you could select specific furniture – such as privacy screens and soundproofing for areas where sensitivity is required. Additionally, you could source soft furnishing that encourages an informal environment for open communication in patient consultation rooms. Furthermore, it may be vital that you select certain fabrics that are hygienic, wipeable and microbial. You may see this as strictly a health and safety feature, yet it’s an important element of your brand messaging.

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Graphics & artwork to represent your brand values

You can also inject your branding through thoughtful graphics and artwork. Say if one of your values is, “a commitment to sustainability and caring for the environment” think about the nature-depicting artwork you could use to endorse this value.

Interpreting your brand values is one of the most important things to get a design that reflects your business – and suits your clients and employees too.

2.  Think about your employees

The comfort and pride your employees have for your business is the key to success

The people who work for you are likely your most valuable asset. However, are they truly connected to your brand?

In reality, it takes a lot more than a company logo and some brand-coloured walls to make employees feel a real connection with your brand. In some cases, an overkill ‘on-brand’ effect can feel garish, having the opposite effect – alienating employees in an overly corporate environment.

However, when you subtly inject branding in line with your employees’ needs, you create a happier – and more productive workforce.

Secondary branding colour palettes

For example, if your brand is built on excellent customer service, think about ways that your new office fit-out can reinforce this message. It could be that a clear breakout area is created. As an employee “chill zone” you can use a more subtle colour scheme – perhaps within your branding colour palette.

This will create a healthy contrast to perhaps a more vibrant on-brand approach on the customer service floor.

Facilities that endorse your brand

Or say for instance health & wellbeing is at the core of your brand, go for an office design that encourages employees to live your brand. From adjustable sit-stand desks to installing shower facilities, there are many ways this part of your brand can shine through.

What’s more, most of the time you’ll be pleasantly surprised what a positive effect this can have on your employees. Overall, the new facilities that you provide to your employees will shape their behaviour. And their behaviour will shape how your brand evolves in the eyes of the most important people – your customers.

3.  Consider client touchpoints

What do your clients and contacts imply about your business from the fit out of your business?

Do you regularly invite prospects or clients to your offices? Whether it’s a meeting with a loyal client or a pitch to someone new, your workspace must reflect the right image to your clients. This is where your branding comes in.

When planning for your new office fit-out, consider where the key client touchpoints will be. Where will they enter the building? Where will they be greeted? Where will they wait? What path will they take to meeting rooms? Where will they sit in the meeting room? Where will they go after the meeting? What facilities will they use?

Then, think what decorative elements could enhance your branding – so it’s really clear to a visitor what your brand stands for.

Plants serve more than simple office decor

For instance, if you have green in your primary or secondary colour palette, you can creatively use decorative plants to strengthen this colour. Placing them in client-facing zones will nod to your brand, while also helping you showcase brand values around the environment and sustainability.

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Revamp your office – strengthen your brand

Creative branding ideas take careful planning and a close relationship with suppliers

Whether you’re fitting out a new office location or redesigning your existing workspace, this is your opportunity to integrate company branding into your design.

Fortunately, this doesn’t always mean bold brand colour palettes splashed on the walls or company logos covering every service. By following the tips in the blog posts, you can subtly and carefully nurture brand connections – with your clients and your employees.

The biggest takeaway is that when your office acts as a brand ambassador, you’ll align your employees with your brand – and overall strengthen the values that underpin your brand.

Start your office fit-out project today

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