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More and more companies are realising the importance of providing a creative, professional, innovative, and personalised work environment for everyone that comes through their door.

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Proactive companies see that their staff want, need and deserve to work in a space that is aesthetically pleasing, productive, considered, and extremely fit-for-purpose. They also want to give a professional, bespoke, and strong first impression to clients, possible clients, and everyone else who enters their building, too.

Planned Office Interiors will help you to achieve that.

A commercial Fit Out will have a real impact on the way that the people that matter view your company, and we provide outstanding complete fit-out solutions and services to our clients, who range from large national and international companies to SME’s.

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We know that branding is vital to a business. It can change how people perceive your company, it can drive new business, and increase awareness of what you do and who you are. A commercialFit Out will cement and grow awareness of your brand, both in the workplace and client-facing areas.

But a commercial fit-out is not simply about your work environment pushing your company’s brand. One of our recent articles concentrated on providing work spaces that are built on the need for, and positives of, staff movement. And amongst other benefits, a commercial Fit Out gives your staff an added sense of connection and pride in the company, too.

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Part of what we are passionate about is ‘biophilic design’ – creating a connection between employees and the natural environment through the use of direct nature, indirect nature, and space and place conditions. There are a plethora of associated work, health, and well-being benefits, too. We provide the likes of artificial lawns, rustic flooring, and the use of light to provide stunning work spaces. Lighting is an integral part of a commercial Fit Out, and that’s why we use similarly successful and reputable companies such as Trilux, who offer human-centric lighting solutions – it’s the most ‘natural’ artificial lighting we’ve seen.

See examples of our work: Croud, Welshpool and our offices.

Let Planned Office Interiors transform your workspace. To discuss your own commercial Fit Out please contact us.