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Do desks affect productivity?

Desks are a vital part of any office. Whether you’re the Managing Director or a Customer Service Agent, you’ll spend a lot of time at your desk. In fact, you and your employees may not realise it but your desks directly impact how productive you are as a business.
From permanent desks that employees call ‘home’ to flying visits to a hotdesk, there are many factors that make a desk good or bad. Or, productive or unproductive.
Let’s take a look at the common ways productivity is affected by desk space…

Do you have a clean desks policy?
Do you have a clean desk policy?

What are your rules at the end of the working day?
Do employees tidy up after themselves? Mugs in the dishwasher? Paperwork stored away?

Good hygiene, good employee attendance?
It may sound a little overbearing, but considering the hygiene of your office is really important – and desks play a big part.
After all, employees touch many parts of the desk – spreading germs and possibly viruses as they go.
This can lead to employees falling ill and taking sicks days. Consequently, your business becomes less productive due to increased absenteeism.
Therefore, giving a rethink to the setup of your desks – and the available facilities in your office – can really help promote a healthy working environment.
The results? Less sick days and boosted productivity for your business.

Tidy desk, tidy mind?
Also, clutter can be a real distraction in the office.
In fact, some employees treat their workspace as a mini ‘home from home’ which means photo frames, plant pots and other nick nacks. And while this may suit some businesses it’s always worth setting some boundaries.
Supplying good office storage solutions for your employees encourages organisation. And, tidier desks can equal tidier minds – leading to boosted productivity.
What’s more, organised desks and spaces are easier to clean – so this aids in good workplace hygiene too.

Are your employees sitting comfortably at their desks

Are your employees sitting comfortably?

Have you considered your office ergonomics?
Monitor positions, key objects within reach and good posture are just some aspects of good workplace ergonomics.
Specifically, your office chairs hugely affect your employees’ comfort – which can impact greatly on your employees’ productivity.
There are lots of different office chair options out there to suit different work stations and working styles – that’s why it’s worth getting some advice on what fits your business before investing in office chairs.

To sit, or to stand? Both!
Have you ever considered a sit-stand desk in your office?
It could be a great way to boost your business’ productivity.
Giving your employees an option to sit or stand when working allows them to make healthy choices – by avoiding a sedentary working lifestyle.
Overall, healthier employees are more productive employees – and less likely to be absent.

Office desks that work for your business

Office desks that work for your business

Of course, a work station is more than just a desk and they impact hugely on how productive your workforce is.
From the right office chair to tidy storage solutions, there are many ways you can improve your employees’ work stations – and nurture a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.
If you’re thinking about improving your desk setup it could be worthwhile to seek some professional advice – our office furniture service can help you select the right fit for your business.

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