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Screen guards that act as ‘PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for desks’ are something we are proud to supply, deliver, and install at Planned Office Interiors.

High-quality protective screens

All screens are made from high-quality acrylic. An easily wipeable surface, to help limit the growth of virus cells.

Prices available upon request | Manufactured in the UK.

Ensuring your employees can safely work in the office, screen guards are physical safety barriers that upkeep social distancing and minimise the risk of airborne virus transmission. Overall, screen guards allow your employees to work safely – and for you to confidently resume business operations in the office amidst ongoing coronavirus risks.


Employee protection

How screen guards work to protect your employees

In the midst of this pandemic, the health of your employees is of utmost importance. Screen guards play a vital role in this – and are configured to best suit your employees’ situation.

Popular choices include:

Freestanding screens

From reception desks to meeting rooms, these screens are easily installed so you can safely use vital office areas straight away. With multiple options, you can decide whether to include a ‘package pass-through’ and whether to affix with brackets to the edge of a surface.


Protective screen on a reception desk

Sizes range from 660mm and 1060mm high, in widths from 600mm-1400mm.

Extension screens

Easily adaptable, these universal screens will fit onto any traditional existing desk divider – so employees can confidently sit at desks to work, while still interacting as necessary.


Is your business ready for employees to return to work?


Available between 20mm-35mm thick: 330mm and 660mm high, in widths from 600mm-2000mm.

Counter screens, defender screens, sneeze guards and floor screens

We also supply a varying range of screens for different purposes and different working environments.

Ask about our additional screens here.

Screen delivery and installation

All screens are delivered and installed adhering to strict hygiene and social distancing guidelines. Our installation team is equipped with PPE; ensure 2-metre distances to all other persons and follow strict handwashing and sanitising procedures.

Alternatively, you can opt to install the screens yourself – and we will be on-hand to help over the phone or via video call.

How screen guards adapt and enhance everyday office life

The screens provide necessary physical distancing without compromising light and visibility in your office space. Firstly and foremost, this ensures your employees’ safety – but it also allows your employees to interact as normally as possible, without risking their health.

Resuming a level of normality without compromising employee safety, allows you as an employer to confidently run a productive office space – even in the midst of the pandemic.

Why screen guards are vital to your office space

COVID-19 can be transmitted by air droplets. Therefore, when employees return to work in the office, as an employer it’s important to reduce this type of virus transmission.

Not only is this vital for employee health but good office protocols against the spread of the coronavirus protect the greater risk of wider community spreading.

In reality, offices are often busy, bustling places – and this creates ‘hotspots’ for any virus infection. As an employer, your post-coronavirus responsibility is now to reduce this risk – or even, remove this risk entirely.

Talk to us about adapting your office for social distancing

As seen in essential services like supermarkets during the ongoing lockdown period, screen guards are an important place to start. However, there is more you can do. From curating a strong social distancing culture to removing ‘virus hotspot’ risks, a proactive approach to your office set-up will minimise risks of coronavirus spreading.

Learn more about equipping your office for employees to return to work after lockdown