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stress-busting office design hacksThe workplace can be stressful. From meeting tight deadlines to dealing with internal politics, there are many things that cause stress for office-based employees. However, their environment doesn’t have to be one of them. In fact, the design of your office can even reduce stress levels…

Why it’s important to reduce stress levels in the office

Although small doses of stress are normal – and largely don’t do your employees much harm – too much stress can seriously impact your employees’ ability to do their job.

The good news? Studies have shown that good office design can combat rising stress levels – and improve employee wellbeing. And, in turn, boost your business’ overall productivity.

And, the even better news? Sometimes good office design doesn’t have to be overly complicated. In fact, it can be as simple as changing some furniture around a bit.

Here are our 7 stress-busting office design hacks…stress-busting office design plants

1.    Bring the outside in

Apart from just looking nice, plants have a lot of proven practical benefits in the workplace.

From filtering your office air to making us feel more positive, adding a touch of biophilic design is proven to be something that we humans thrive off.

Adding plants is an inexpensive and easy addition to any workplace – with huge stress-busting benefits.stress-busting office design reduce clutter

2.   Reduce clutter

Did you know tidier workplaces can reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace?

Although there are exceptions, many employees struggle to focus in a cluttered environment – with many thinking, “what next?” rather than just getting on with a task.

Investing in some storage solutions is good workspace ergonomics that encourages healthier organisational habits – avoiding stressful “where did I leave that important document?” situations.stress-busting office design common spaces

3.   Create common spaces

Positive social interaction is key to reducing stress in the workplace – in fact, it’s a basic human need.

For example, if an employee is concerned over a project, it usually helps to talk it over with a colleague. Or, if they simply want to unwind at lunchtime it’s usually nice to spend time with some friendly faces.

Creating accessible common spaces means your employees know where to go when they need to talk. This could be as simple as putting some chairs together around a bigger table. Or, investing in a small sofa and coffee table.stress-busting office design create private spaces

4.   However, create private areas too

As much as social interaction is an important stress buster, so is getting away when needed.

Private working zones are great for employees who simply need to get their head down and concentrate – without any external stress factors bothering them. Achieve this by investing in some dividers or creating “quiet zones” in the office.stress-busting office design add artwork

5.   Bring in some colour

Colour is proven to affect how we feel. Like the green of plants can make us feel calmer – each colour can help encourage positive emotions, instead of stress.

Speak to our decor experts about what colours are right for your office culture.stress-busting office design bring in some art

6.   Motivate through artwork

Positive vibes don’t just end at a splash of paint. Another really cost-effective way to reduce workplace stress is to promote positivity through artwork.

Motivational quote artwork or even using your branding to create uplifting mottos about company culture can work really well.stress-busting office design encourage movement

7.   Encourage movement

We all know it by now – sedentary lifestyles are not healthy. Furthermore, being active is not only beneficial for our physical health but also our mental health too.

Introducing standing desks or even adjustable sit-stand desks can help inspire employees to get up and move – while still getting on with their work.

stress-busting office design uplifting design

Uplifting office design

Of course, your workplace design isn’t the only way to minimise employee stress – but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

If your employees feel inspired and motivated by their surroundings you are instantly reducing negative feelings in the workplace – and likely boosting productivity.

If you’re thinking about improving your employee wellbeing, we can show you how great office design can be part of this.

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