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Modern Slavery Policy

It is the policy of Planned Office Interiors Ltd and POI-FM Ltd to conduct all of its business functions in an honest, transparent and ethical manner. This includes ensuring effective systems and controls are in place to minimise the risk of modern-day slavery and human trafficking in line with the Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Act (2015) with our business or associated supply chains/contractors as per section 54 of the Act.


We operate a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and human trafficking and we are committed to ensuring that we act professionally, fairly and with integrity across all of our business dealings and relationships.


We have an anti-modern slavery and human trafficking policy which is held on file electronically and available to all of our employees via our internal systems and to our stakeholders upon request. We also promote our colleagues to raise concerns immediately with respect to this issue. As part of this process, we vow to continually view our process and policy with our supply chain to ensure we take steps to mitigate any potential risk or breach to our views on this issue. Although we keep our supply chain very small to ensure the quality of the services we offer, we do upon request of a new supplier/contractor request to hold on file a copy of their own policy toward this issue to provide us with the assurance that their views are reflected and operated in the same ethical way as Planned Office Interiors Ltd and POI-FM Ltd as reflected in the Modern Slavery Act.


We do not employ any members of our time below minimum wage and can, in fact, offer assurance to our clients that all of our employees from administration to tradesmen are paid above minimum wage and we have support in place to seek immigration checks if this is required.


All of our operating policies are reviewed annually on behalf of or by our Managing Director.