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New office furniture

Whether it’s a move to a new office or simply a revamp of your existing workplace, there’s a lot at stake when it comes to investing in new office furniture. More than a design trend or something to “get the job done”, your office furniture has the opportunity to delight employees, improve their wellbeing – and enhance their productivity.

However, picking office furniture is rarely a case of flicking through a catalogue and landing on something that “looks about right”. And, office furniture is often a significant investment – so deserves some careful thought before jumping in.

In this blog post, we’ll help you understand what to consider when it comes to selecting your new office furniture.

1.  Budget & return

Employee working at a desk

A sensible place to start is your budget. Understanding what you can invest will help narrow down your options straightaway.

Remember, your furniture is often a long-term investment so try to think of it in this way. Cutting corners to save costs often equates in poorer quality furniture. And unfortunately, poorer quality furniture can lead to unhappier and unhealthier employees – which negatively affects your productivity.

Therefore, rather than seeing furniture as a “cost”, view it as an “investment” which can generate a return for your business.

2.  Space & functionality

Open and stylish office environment

The obvious consideration is the actual space you are furnishing. Whether it’s a small office, open-plan workspace or even a breakout zone can have a big impact on what you invest in. Whatever your requirements, workspace furniture needs to be highly functional and sit comfortably within the space you have.

For instance, if you have a large office space you may be able to have dedicated “zones”, with dedicated furniture. You could integrate a standing desk zone with a highrise desk – helping to decrease unhealthy sedentary lifestyles in your workspace.

In smaller spaces, opting for dual-purpose furniture maximises your space-efficiency. So, instead of a dedicated standing desk, you could source adjustable sit-stand desks for each employee. This way you are still providing your employees with a health-conscious working environment – even within a smaller space.

3.  Ergonomics & health

Executive resting in a leather chair

Every week we are bombarded with workplace studies that tell us that employee office-based life is not healthy. From claims that “sitting is the new smoking” to the shocking fact that 68% of MSD-sufferers (musculoskeletal disorders) blame their poor health on working conditions, it’s clear that as an employer you have a responsibility to safeguard our employees’ health.

So what can you do when it comes to office furniture? Firstly, you must consider good ergonomics. A good place to start is with desk chairs. Choosing good quality office chairs will increase comfort, concentration and overall wellbeing – without employees even realising.

Opt for those with adjustable height and depth, good back support, suitable back tilt, swivel movements – and a firm and comfortable surface to support the base of an employee’s pelvis. Overall, an office chair should be dynamic to the individual employee and encourage a healthy seating position that’s tailored to them.

Furthermore, certain industries benefit from going past the basics of ergonomics. For instance, if you’re in the healthcare industry or in an industry that comes into close contact with people on a regular basis consider hygienic furniture finishings.

Related: read about our recent project at an orthodontist practice – which included sourcing and fitting hygienic, microbial and wipeable furnishings.

4.  Aesthetics & branding

Creative materials for a creative team

How your office furniture looks is also very important. From colours to materials, there are many options you can choose from in order to get a look that’s right for your business.

Take some time focusing on your brand. Go deeper than branding colours and logos – and think what your brand really stands for? This will help you select furniture that is right for your business.

A consistent aesthetic style will help bring employees together – rather than dividing them. Something that seems insignificant like choosing varying furniture styles for different offices can massively impact an employee’s wellbeing. Causing disjointed feelings and worries over favouritism, negative emotions risk disrupting your employees’ productivity.

Overall, you want your office furniture to flow from space to space – and reflect your brand throughout.

5.  Supplier & advice

Efficient light and spacious office

Of course, you can browse through a catalogue and choose the office furniture you think is right. But there is a risk that the furniture won’t be quite right – and an even greater risk that it won’t work at all. Furniture could arrive at your door in the next few days. But was anyone there to advise you? And is there anyone there to help you set it up?

Hassle-free office furniture supply

Instead, do your research and work with a supplier who does more than simply deliver your furniture.

A reputable office furniture supplier should be able to advise you on all the above points. They will help you set a realistic office furniture budget, maximise space functionality and meet high ergonomic & health standards. All while considering a style that suits your business – and your brand.

Planned Office Interiors can confidently help you with all this. Take a look at our recent office furniture projects within our portfolio – there are some great examples of the difference we’ve made to some businesses across various industries.

Office furniture to improve employee productivity

Ergonomic workstations

Whether you’re fitting out a new office location or redesigning your existing workspace, your office furniture represents a great opportunity to improve employee wellbeing – and maximise your business’ productivity.

Giving office furniture some careful thought can avoid costly mistakes – and even pay dividends in the future. By starting with the tips in this blog post, you can choose office furniture that nurtures all requirements – from aesthetics to ergonomics.

Select your office furniture today

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