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Since the COVID-19 pandemic and imposed lockdown, many workers have looked for a more flexible working life while proactive employers focus on promoting office wellbeing. Whether that be working remotely, hybrid or leaping into the world of entrepreneurship, there is a lack of workers occupying office space across the UK.

Although this style of working is favoured by many, it comes with its pitfalls. Microsoft reported that 60% of workers feel less connected to colleagues when working from home, and 52% agree that they work longer hours as well as taking fewer breaks. Inviting employees back into the office gives them an opportunity to curb these issues, which means that companies need to create winning workspaces that work better for their employees, both mentally and physically.

To build an environment that leads to enhanced mood and maximum productivity, you need to carefully consider every aspect of your space. From layout and furniture to lighting and ergonomics, you have a responsibility to provide a safe and healthy workplace for your employees.

Team enjoying a relaxed meeting in a space that promotes office wellbeing

Breaking it all up

The WFH revolution has disrupted the work-life balance, resulting in employees working more than ever before. “The line between work and home is often blurred, which can cause employees to stay in the work mindset indefinitely”, says Alina Clark at Forbes. So, it’s important for workplaces to offer not only the ‘9 to 5’ working mindset but also create designated spaces within the office to deliver clearer boundaries for employees.

Incorporating designated breakout, collaboration and social spaces into your office boosts both mental and physical wellbeing in your workforce. A lot of us spend our working lives sitting at a desk, which can make us feel lethargic, isolated and unmotivated. By introducing welcoming spaces for other activities throughout the day, it allows employees to feel free to physically move around the office, which boosts endorphins and ultimately promotes better wellbeing in the workplace.

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Letting the light in

Wondering how to best to incorporate different areas into your office? Enter: glass partitioning. These are ideal for breaking up spaces whilst still allowing light to filter through. And they look super slick. Introducing glass partitioning into your office fit-out helps you get the most out of natural lighting and positively promotes office wellbeing and productivity (ArchDaily.com).

A home from home

For the past two years people have been working from their sofas, beds and garden chairs – all of which provide more comfort than the more traditional office set-up. So, companies may have to incorporate a bit more flexibility into their office furniture.

In a study carried out by the NHS, it was found that standing-desk employees reported feeling less anxious and felt they enjoyed an overall better quality of life. Sit-stand desks offer a great way to increase physical movement in the workplace that discourages the sedentary lifestyle that is sometimes inevitable of office life. See if this desk style is right for your employees here.

Employee at a standing-desk to promote office wellbeing

Soft furnishings can give an office a homely feel and offer a more comfortable working environment. Provide comfort and style with colourful sofas, armchairs and meeting pods – ideal for receptions and your breakout, collaboration and social spaces. As well as providing your staff with the opportunity to feel comfortable throughout their working day, soft furnishings promote a space of creativity, productivity and physical movement for better wellbeing in the workplace.

Surround yourself with positivity

It’s important for your office décor to be on-brand but it’s even more important to create a great working environment that your employees thrive in. Whether your office needs to be stimulating, calm or creative, it requires careful thought into colours and textures that help your employees work better.

Boost productivity with splashes of yellow. This colour radiates positivity and happiness, promotes confidence and lifts your mood. You can use specific colours on your walls or incorporate it into your furniture. As well as mood-boosting colours, bringing nature into the office has huge benefits. Plants are proven to increase positivity, filter office air and boost memory function.

From considering productivity-boosting lighting, through to good desk ergonomics, we have the office design and fit-out expertise to help you inspire a happier, healthier and more productive workforce. Want to transform your space?

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