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It’s a man’s world? Right? Wrong. It certainly isn’t for us – as our female-led facilities management team pave the way at POI FM Ltd. They are proving that despite facilities management being traditionally a male-dominated world, women are improving services for you, our FM client.

In fact, we have found that our all-women facilities management team bring inherent service-boosting traits that we feel we didn’t have before.

In this blog our facilities management team explain why women can do such a good job when it comes to managing your building…

Women in Facilities Management organisation

We’re natural multitaskers

Whether you like it or not, the truth is that women do a lot. And sometimes, we do it all.

From being ‘mum’ to having fully-fledged careers, for many years now we’ve been told we can have it all.

And of course, this is wonderful. Equality is wonderful! And what we’ve always wanted. So, it’s natural that women become great at spinning many plates. From doing the school run to running meetings, we manage it all.

In our team, we can see this highly-organised trait among the women we employ.

If your call comes in with a plumbing emergency, we know to be reactive and prioritise your issue. Whilst, at the same time proactively organising your routine maintenance in the background.

In fact, we’re really proud that so far 100% of electrical and plumbing issues have been acknowledged within 24hrs – and 80% of issues were fixed within 1 day.

Women in Facilities Management

We’re good communicators

It isn’t to say that men aren’t, of course. However, studies suggest that women are generally stronger in areas of emotional intelligence – which can help us be highly-effective communicators.

Traits such as our heightened ability to empathise means that we are usually very good at communicating with you.

And, in facilities management, this is very important. Especially as change can be common – and sometimes, it’s not welcomed.

The women in our team can communicate change clearly – minimising your stress – something that is always top of our priority list.

Facilities management diversity

Diversity is key to business productivity

Diversity is something that should be very important in every business – not only with gender.

Apart from the obvious reasons why, diversity brings a whole range of different skill sets to the table – meaning a fully-equipped team that can deal with your FM challenges, whatever they may be.

Women in Facilities Management

Facilities maintenance for your business

Making sure your property is in tip-top shape shouldn’t be something that takes you away from running your business.

Our FM services help you by maintaining your building – so you can focus on what you do best.

And, our female-led FM team can show you how much your business can save financially – and how much more productive you can be in the future.

To learn more about POI FM Ltd and how we can help you with our facilities management service, click here.

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