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Revolutionary workspace design

Is 2020 the year you revamp your office design? The year your workplace gets an overhaul? The year your employees get the workspace they deserve? And the year you attract new clients and new employees?

Redesigning your workplace is exciting – and it’s a fantastic opportunity to enhance everything from your image & branding to your business efficiency. But how do you make sure you get the most out of your investment?

Considering how you split up your space is key

Happy Office Workers

Whether you’re moving to new premises or you’re redesigning existing space, it is worthwhile considering how you can revolutionise the environment you offer your employees. After all, nowadays offices are much more than simply functional. Acting as a community, a brand, a hub of creativity, intelligence and knowledge, the workplace becomes part of your employees’ lifestyles.

In this blog post, we share three office spaces worth considering – as they can result in real change. From this, you’ll learn how space can transform your workplace, create happier employees – and boost your business’ productivity.

Idea 1: Breakout space

Office design Break out area

A breakout space does what it says on the tin – it’s an area where your employees can take time out to recharge.

So much more than a canteen, a breakout area isn’t just for eating your lunch. It’s a recreational place away from screens, ringing phones and general office pressure. How you design it is up to you – but we generally recommend taking a relaxed approach to suit your employees’ style.

We usually find for businesses with younger employees, a ‘chill zone’ with beanbags works really well. Or simply some sofas and a coffee table.

Another great idea is to include some team-building style activities – like a pool table or simply some board games. A welcome distraction from mobile phones, these games discourage further screen time and allow colleagues to bond outside of a more formal environment.

How breakout spaces improve your workplace

Breakout zones promote better wellbeing for your employees. Firstly, they allow employees to escape their desks – and take a proper break – rather than always staring at their computers. A change of environment is very refreshing – meaning that when employees return to their desk, they are more engaged with the task at hand.

Furthermore, breakout rooms encourage socialisation – away from the traditional office space. This forms workplace relationships – and even friendships. Not only great for morale, but strong bonds also create a sense of ‘team’ in your workplace. When you have a strong team, it’s likely you’ll work better together – overcoming challenges and raising productivity.

Idea 2: Standing desk zone

Office design stand up desk

Most employees have their own personal desk. Or, some offices adopt more agile working and encourage employees to move around – perhaps with laptops.

Whatever your workplace set-up, in your revamped office have you considered a specific zone for employees who wish to stand while working – such as a standing-height desk area? Or, where space is a premium you can integrate some sit-stand desks so employees can alternate.

How standing desk zones improve your workplace

Standing while working is still a relatively new concept in the UK. Therefore, employees may feel shy to give it a go. However, if you create a purposeful place for standing this will give your employees the confidence to take standing intervals while working.

The results? Recent studies suggest that standing-desk workers feel ‘less tired and more engaged’. The reality is that it’s not healthy to sit down all day so when you discourage this sedentary lifestyle, employees tend to become healthier, more active – and productive for your business.

Idea 3: A spot of nature

Office design with nature

If space permits, have you thought about having an area dedicated to greenery?

You could approach this in a few ways. One option is to integrate a green space into a breakout area indoors. From potted plants to simply depicting nature in graphics or artwork, there are many things you can do to bring the outdoors in.

Or, if you do have some outside space, why not create a recreational area where employees can unwind in nature?

How nature spots improve your workplace

Nature can benefit your office in many ways. Perhaps most importantly, nature is proven to reduce stress, calm employees and boost positive attitudes. This can make a huge difference when it comes to your business’ productivity.

Learn more about the productivity-enhancing benefits of plants in the workplace.

What space does your workplace need?

Office Design

Every workplace is different – with an individual business set-up and employee culture. What’s right for your business may be completely different from another business.

At Planned Office Interiors, we can help you make the right decisions when it comes to your office redesign. Ensuring your employees are motivated, stimulated and happy in their environment is always top of our list – because that helps you achieve a productive business.

Redesign your workplace in 2020

Revamping your office design signals exciting times. Often a sign of growth, workplace redesign represents a major shift in your business – which you want to get right.

From considering what will truly work for your employees though to understanding the latest commercial design trends, we have the office design & fit-out skills to help you redesign your office space.

To learn more about Planned Office Interiors and how our office fit out service can help you, click here.

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