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When employers think of an employee breakout area – they often worry that they are counter-productive and expensive to maintain. However, if done correctly, there are ways you can make your breakout area both relaxing and fun.

Here are our top tips on how to create a great breakout area with minimal effort and expense:


Often overlooked, sofas offer the perfect chance to get away from a computer/machinery. Recent studies have shown that employees work best when they have a rest every couple of hours. So introducing a ‘sofa break’ might not only benefit your employees, but also your company. If the idea of introducing sofas in your breakout area seems challenging just think about the benefits!


Hot drinks:

Complimentary hot drinks are the easiest perk any company could offer for their employees. With minimal input and cost, free hot drinks are a must for any company who wants a happy workforce. Introducing facilities to provide hot drinks can often be made to look professional and trendy to visiting guests, helping to give a friendly feel to your business. Not only that, but caffeine is also well-known for increasing energy and improving focus – so minimal expenditure with a great outcome!

Something different:

Breakout areas are often treated as simply an extension of the office and this can be counter-productive. A good starting point for a breakout area can simply be the introduction of different flooring or a new colour of paint. It can also be a good way to include a bit of humour in the workplace, either by introducing posters or notes on the wall, suggested by your employees.



Games are often a great tool used by companies to allow employees to counteract stress or to use for creative inspiration. Having a few games in your breakout area can also be a great tool to allow your employees to socialise outside of the working environment. This can, in turn, lead to greater productivity in the office as employees will feel de-stressed and energised.



Finally, no workplace is complete without having a few celebrations now and again. Breakout areas can be the ideal place for these celebrations to take place. Whether you’re eating some birthday cake or there’s a work related anniversary, the breakout area gives everyone a chance to celebrate and mingle.

If you’re thinking of introducing a breakout area into your business then please call us on 01785 817144 for advice and more information. Or visit our lifestyle section to see how we can help.

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