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Wall coverings and partitions have moved on dramatically since the bland uninspiring cubicles of the 1990s. As technology advanced it became easier for employees to turn up, log in and work from multiple locations. Equally the advancement of digital printing gave design specialists the ability to take a wall and turn it into a perfectly tailored extension of the company culture.

Wonder wall

As businesses began to realise the value of flexible workspaces so did our expectations of what good office design looked like. Suddenly the workspace was seen as a way of increasing the energy levels of employees and developing their emotional attachment to the business.

We have discussed previously the business considerations of employee interaction vs employee distraction and how addressing both issues will increase productivity. There is significant research that demonstrates that office spaces, which reflect a company’s culture and vision, foster a more involved, productive and fulfilled workforce.

Almost famous

It’s why companies like Facebook and Google are famous for creating dynamic and flexible workspaces. Their culture is encompassed in every square foot they own, and it helps them to attract the best talent in the industry. Office branding has also been proven to increase the job satisfaction and increase staff retention. Since their current employees want to work in their buildings and they’ve created a desire in those that don’t.

So how is it done? It’s about adding colour, branding, great aesthetics and increasing the versatility of the space. Some walls tell the story of a brand, some simply look good and others allow great things to happen within them. For example our range of Polar vision partitioning give you minimal, seamless style with unrestricted views.

Wall of fame

The way your office looks and feels creates a lasting impression within customers subconscious and will dramatically influence their perception of your business. To create a memorable experience, get in touch with Richard today.

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