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Glass partitions are an excellent way of creating private spaces within an office environment, while still taking advantage of natural light.


Growing in popularity, the great range of partitions available means that there’s something to suit every office space. As well as making the most of any light available, they can add a touch of elegance, giving your office a high-end finish.

So what are the advantages of glass partitioning?

Natural lightThe benefits of natural light are well known. Glass partitions do an amazing job at maximising natural light, while creating privacy for your employees. Adding glass partitions to your workplace will also create a professional air of open space while retaining individual work environments.

Check out some of our recent glass partitioning case studies for Staffordshire based companies ALE Heavylift and Croud below.

Privacy: Glass partitions can be very successful at creating a private space in a busy office environment. With the use of frosted, tinted and coloured glass – as well as image vinyls – you can ensure privacy for all your employees and/or client meetings. They will also help to lower noise levels, especially if you install double glazed partitions.

Cost effective: Not only can glass partitions save on your energy costs, they can also make expansion and re-arrangement of your office space really easy. They are quickly and easily installed and are a great alternative to a more permanent structure like a wall.

With so many advantages and styles to choose from, it can be hard to decide which is the right fit for your workplace. So it’s always worth having a chat to one of our friendly team who can recommend a range of options to suit your needs and budget.

If you’d like to know more about the business benefits that glass partitioning provides give one of our team a call today. 01785 817114

Take a look at the TEDx video below to understand the psychology of spacial needs and how adapting your workspace will improve the performance of your business.

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