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Are you sitting comfortably? Or, perhaps you’re standing at your sit-stand desk? With the increased recognition of wellbeing in the workplace, health-inspired office furniture is in demand. And in particular, the sit-stand desk is becoming a workplace norm.

How to make a sit stand desk work

Health benefits of sit-stand desks

So, why would you want a sit-stand desk in your workplace? Well, mainly due to the health benefits. Adjustable desks are a great way to discourage the sedentary lifestyle that is sometimes an inevitability of office life, while still offering flexibility to sit.
Of course, constantly sitting down at work is bad for you. With many office workers spending the majority of their day using a computer, we risk harming their health.
However, by allowing employees to work while on their feet you can not only improve their physical health – but also improve their mental health & wellbeing. In fact, the NHS carried out a study on standing desks last year that found standing-desk employees reported feeling less anxious and felt they enjoyed an overall better quality of life.
From improvements with musculoskeletal problems to better mental wellbeing, your employee health benefits are obvious.

However, there are a couple of things to consider when deciding to invest in an adjustable sit-stand desk.

Change management sit stand desk

Change management & sit-stand desks

Making sure your employees are happy with sit-stand desks is paramount.
Therefore, getting your staff involved with any furniture changes that may alter their status quo will prevent any workplace culture shocks in the future.
Remembering that not everybody feels the same about health & wellbeing can help you plan and manage your furniture budget in the best possible way.
Moreover, spending some time educating your staff about the health benefits of an adjustable sit-stand desk will improve their success rate.
It can be easy to forget that sometimes these changes can be unsettling for our colleagues and even intimidating. So, why not organise a training session on how to use the desk? It could be very reassuring.

practicalities of a sit stand desk

Practicalities of sit-stand desks

Picture adjustable standing desks and many of us think of a modern workplace. An open, airy, comfortable and overall aesthetically pleasing workplace is what springs to mind.
Of course, this is not always the reality.
From space constraints to adjustment speed, giving some thought about how standing desks actually perform in your space is important.
Resist the urge to buy without proper planning – as it could be a costly mistake in money and time.
When taking the leap to update your office furniture, think about layout. It’s worth speaking to an expert who can ensure a productive workplace.

Increase performance sit stand desk

Increase efficiency & maximise productivity with sit-stand desks

Above all, happier and healthier employees will result in boosted work performance. Especially when the right approach is applied.
When updating office furniture many businesses typically think of it as a cost, not an investment. However, the truth is that with the right selection, procurement and management, updating your furniture can be an investment in your business’ future.
We help you understand your unique workplace challenges so you can maximise the benefits for your business – from a happier workforce to an improved company image.

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